We’ll Make Your Timeless Heirlooms Look Brand-New

We’ll Make Your Timeless Heirlooms Look Brand-New

Choose us for incredible antique restoration service in Santa Fe, NM

Does your favorite ring have 100 years’ worth of damage? James Kallas Jewelers can restore it for you. We’re skilled in restoring antique jewelry. Our associates can:

  • Rebuild rings
  • Replace cracks in older pieces
  • Re-tip diamonds
  • Polish the stones in your jewelry

You can trust us to restore your jewelry to its former glory so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Visit our jewelry store in Santa Fe, NM today for stellar antique jewelry restoration service.

Quality jewelry restoration starts with a firm commitment to excellence

Our owner, James Kallas, believes that jewelry “is so much more than metal and stone. It is your honor, your promise to be true, your history and your heritage… Every piece of jewelry that passes through my hands is treated with that level of respect.”

No matter what service you request from us, we’ll meet and exceed your expectations to give you the best product possible. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page to find out more about our jewelry restoration work in Santa Fe, NM.