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James Kallas Jewelers recommends getting your jewelry appraised every two to three years. We’ll thoroughly inspect your accessory to let you know its exact value.

Visit our jewelry store in Santa Fe, NM to get your jewelry appraised. If you want to buy or sell your gold, you can do that here, too.

What all does the appraisal report contain?

What all does the appraisal report contain?

A jewelry appraisal report from James Kallas Jewelers will include your name as well as the following information about your jewelry:

  • Type
  • Material it’s made of
  • Type(s) of gemstone(s) used
  • Grade of the stone(s)
  • Design and condition
  • Manufacturer/designer and origin
  • Purpose of appraisal for insurance purposes

It will also contain:
  • A colored photograph
  • The current value of precious metals
  • Our credentials
  • A dated signature of the appraisal

We’ll answer any questions you may have regarding our report.

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